Easy Mondays launched in 2019 as a no-nonsense, high quality menswear brand, a brand that makes the kind of clothes you want to grab first from the drawer. We take simple menswear staples, elevate the fabrics and build quality pieces, while keeping the colours and fits simple. Some days you just want to wear a plain black t-shirt, but there’s no reason it can’t be made in Italy from the best fabrics. As the name suggests, Easy Mondays makes getting dressed easy, but there’s a little more to the name than just that.

After many years working in the fashion industry, we know as well as anyone the value of a relaxing hobby.  For us, that became the New York Times crosswords. Here at Easy Mondays, we spend hours on end solving these crosswords. The puzzles change difficulty every day, with Monday being the easiest and the difficulty increasing as the week progresses, finishing with the virtually unsolvable Sunday crossword. Naturally, we're Monday crossword types. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a crossword, and we wanted to capture that feeling of ease and contentment through clothing with Easy Mondays. We have so many decisions to make every day, we figured why not make getting dressed a little easier?

Portugal Factory Story

Our Made in Portugal collection is manufactured by a small family-owned company that started operations in December 2014.  The factory is owned by two partners who are childhood friends.

Pedro has a degree in textile engineering, and had been working in the clothing industry for 15 years. One day Rui, a topographer by profession, and tired of working in different countries, wanted to return to live close to the family, and asked if Pedro could help to create a company.  Pedro said, “I will not help you, I will be your partner.”  And they launched their business. Now they manufacture product which is exported throughout Europe and into North America.

They are very concerned with the environment and the impact that clothing manufacturing has on the planet, so they have certified their factory with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS).  In other words, they are certified to produce organic cotton products and they comply with the GOTS requirements, ensuring a better use of natural resources, less energy expenditure and the non-use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.