Easy Mask Full Face - Grey Gingham (3 Pack)


The Easy Mondays Full Face premium face mask is made with 100% fine cotton Italian fabric. Its double layer construction features inside and outside layers made from 100% cotton. Soft elastic ear loops and an ergonomic shape ensure a comfortable fit.  The Full Face mask is designed to fit snugly over the area of the face between the bridge of your nose down to your chin.  This is a non-medical face mask.

You get 3 masks when you order this item!

Key Features:

  • Made in Italy from Italian fabrics
  • Machine-washable and reusable
  • Soft white elastic earloop bands for comfort
  • Fits an adult-sized face
  • Measures 11.5 cm from left to right and 12.5cm from top to bottom

For every unit purchased, Easy Mondays will donate a mask to organizations in need.

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